BSN Amino X Edge Review

BSN DELIVERS THE NEW AMINO X EDGE and it doesn’t disappoint!

BSN expands its hallmark Edge Series with the newest AMINOx formula - AMINO X EDGE – What sets this apart? Check this out: 3x special blends!

A full 10g of micronized amino acids including the original AMINO x BCAA complex plus L-Alanine, Taurine and L-Citruline blended to better deliver nutrients to your muscle and stimulate muscle protein synthesis, resulting in massive pumps and stronger recovery.

The blend of citric and Malic Acids serve to reduce lactic build-up in the muscle giving you a cleaner workout with less fatigue.

Caffeine is still the most reliable energy promoter but here BSN has created a unique blend of Caffeine Anhydrous and two ancient Chinese extracts, Euphora Longan and Lindera Root. And this is the really exciting part about AMINO X Edge
Euphora Longan, or – Dragons eye - is a berry that grows on trees primarily in Southeast Asia. The hard-shelled yet grape-like fruit has, for centuries, been an integral component in Chinese medicines that are said to reduce insomnia, increase blood flow and improve memory.
Lindara Root Extract is also a centuries old component of Chinese medicine, used to promote blood circulation, stimulate cardiac muscle and aid with digestion. Paired with Longan Extract and then blended with Caffeine, BSN has effectively delivered a workout supplement that translates into increased energy, better circulation and delivery, more stamina and finer focus. Your workouts will be more intense yet less fatiguing and at the end of the day, you stand to get the best sleep you’ve ever had!
Note: Each Longan Berry morsel contains 16 different proteins, 8 minerals, and 6 vitamins. All natural! Each one effective!

PLUS: The entire AMINO X EDGE complex is completely sugar-free and exceptionally low in kilojoules so you can power up more than once per day without the worry of packing on unwanted weight.

BSN’s AMINO X EDGE may be taken 1-2 times per day either in the morning,  before, during or after workouts or in the afternoon. Each 100g serve delivers 10g of amino acids.

BSN’s AMINO X EDGE is best used in a ratio of 100g powder to 200-300 mils water and comes in three delicious flavours – Watermelon, Fruit Punch and Strawberry Orange.

RHS Nutrition tried and tested:- Yes that's right our BSN rep was very kind to drop a heap of samples off for us to try, Our thoughts on the new BSN Amino X EDGE. TASTE- 9/10 the taste was amazing, I used the strawberry orange yum. MIX- Mixed up straight away with no floaty bits. PERFORMANCE- I had two serves as I am a bit of stim junkie 250mg of caffeine, one serve = 125mg-, how did i feel ?? Very euphoric due to the Euphoria Longana (Dragons Eye) and Lindera Aggregata nootropics agents which made me feel very happy with an overall good feeling.

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