Some of the most profound scientific discoveries of our time were found while researching something entirely different. Penicillin, for example, was accidentally discovered by German biologist Alexander Flemming while searching for the causes of staphylococci.  An American engineer named Perry Spencer noticed as he walked past a magnetron (a vacuum tube used to generate microwaves) that the chocolate bar in his pocket had melted - which led to the discovery and invention of the modern microwave oven.
So it is with Lepticore®, a primary active ingredient of the protein powder BSN ISOBURN. Lepticore® came into the protein supplement spotlight during extensive studies as a possible cure for a disorder called Metabolic Syndrome – and ended up the primary ingredient in a healthfood supplement for building muscle and strength.

To understand how BSN ISOBURN works for the bodybuilding industry we need to look at the metabolic disorder itself.
Metabolic Syndrome (also known as Syndrome X) is a form of insulin resistance linked to obesity and obesity-related conditions such as glucose intolerance, high blood pressure and high risk of cardiovascular disease. To put this disorder into perspective, as our culture becomes more obese, the incidents of diabetes (specifically type 2 melitus) and heart disease increase, putting our population at great risk. In fact, as of 2001, more than 47 million Americans were known to have Metabolic Syndrome - and studies funded by the American Heart Association in that same year and the race was on to find ways to curb its growth before Metabolic Syndrome became a bigger threat to cardiovascular health than cigarette smoking.
Initial studies uncovered a companion condition called oxidative stress. Scientists soon discovered this condition played a key role in the occurrence of Metabolic Syndrome and determined that it required as much attention as the disorder itself because as it turns out, the reduction of oxidative stress reduces the chance of Metabolic Syndrome onset.

Metabolic Syndrome & Oxidative Stress
A person’s metabolism is regulated in part by a natural substance called Leptin. Leptin is actually produced in the body, more accurately it is secreted by stored fat cells. The more Leptin in the body, the slower the metabolism becomes. And since the more fat a person has the more Leptin is produced, we can begin to see how this pattern can spiral out of control, working to make an obese person more obese with increasing accompanying metabolic problems which lead to even more obesity. Elevated levels of Leptin in the body are also credited with exacerbation of oxidative stress. \

Once a person is in this cycle they risk not being able to break out of it without help. To make matters worse, the pharmaceuticals recommended by scientists and researchers to restore a person’s metabolic balance are prohibitively expensive and many come with negative consequences.
How Lepticore® Became The Hero
Metabolic Syndrome Studies turned their attention and focus to the cheaper, more natural medicinal plants for answers. The Laboratory of Nutrition & Nutritional Biochemistry, University of Yaounde 1, Yaounde, Cameroon has posted their studies results from 2001 through 2010  here and we encourage you to read them in their entirety. The short version is this –
Lepticore® is a proprietary combination of ingredients which has been shown to be effective in reducing fat initially, then assisting in managing and maintaining weight loss.
Because of its effectiveness in the obese population, it became a viable ingredient in healthfood supplements focused on fat-burning for athletes and those bodybuilders focused on building lean muscle mass. The benefits for helping maintain a balanced metabolism are huge.

BSN ISOBURN has been specially formulated to showcase the amazing properties of Lepticore® and also incorporates:
*Whey Isolate Protein Powder
*Green Coffee Extract

Together these ingredients form a Protein Powder with enormous fat-burning potential, encourages the production of lean muscle, helps in the recovery of muscle loss from extreme workouts and assists with weight management.
If Lepticore® by itself works well for obese people (and it does) imagine how effective the entire BSN ISOBURN package can be for you!

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