BSN Rebuild EDGE Review

The Anabolic Window 
BSN’s R3BuILD Edge helps you take advantage of that window of time occurring post-workout that intensifies the effects of proteins and amino acids, thus helping you maintain your workout results. Especially helpful if one of your goals is to lose or just maintain a particular weight level as R3BUILD EDGE is formulated to give you a high combo of the proteins and amino acids you need without having to chow down a huge meal.

Creatine intensifies work out resulting in more muscle mass
L-Glutamine amino acid that increases muscle mass
BCAA Branch Chain Amino Acids work to prevent the muscle breakdown which naturally occurs when dieting, especially in conjunction with strenuous workouts.

Cutting Edge Ingredients
Bioferrin 2000 is a natural milk protein isolated from fresh, sweet whey through a processing technique that retains maximum bioactivity – an important element in providing this high-quality protein supplement.

ActiGin is a proprietary formula based on the extracts of two Asian plants notably Panax Notoginsing and Rosa Roxburghii. Panax Notoginsing is an herb that is known to help the human body resist stress. Rosa Roxburghii is the perfect antioxidant as it is a fruit that has more vitamin C than orange and more flavonoids than lettuce. These extracts work together to increase energy, decrease fatigue and significantly increases glycogen delivery to the muscle.

Effersorb Composite is a blend of malic and citric acids and sodium bicarbonate that together create a most effective delivery system.

All of this produces R3BuILD Edge - BSN’s newest and best 3-in-1 Recovery system:

5g Creatine
5g Glutamine
Bioferrin 2000
Effersorb Delivery System – fill your anabolic window with necessary proteins and amino acids in a formula designed to enhance the effects of your workout and prolong your muscle-building results – without the bulk and calories of a big meal.

The antioxidants in this formula work to reduce the effects of chemical and physical stress on your body, help repair muscle and encourage muscle mass. Walk away feeling less fatigued and more energized than with other post-workout heavy meals or packed supplements.

Greet your next workout with more strength, more energy, and better endurance.

BSN offers their new R3BUILD EDGE in 5 amazing flavours: Fruit Punch, Strawberry Orange, Green apple, Cranberry Limeade and Island Cooler, Serving size is 19 grams per 200-300 mils water. BSN recommends one dose of R3BUILD EDGE directly after a workout.

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