Green Tea X50 Tribeca Health Review

Green Tea x50

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past decade you already know that Green Tea is chock full of antioxidants, promotes good heart health and can lower cholesterol. In fact, with no sugar, no aspartame and low GI it is one of the healthiest – and effective – bodybuilding supplements on today’s market.
But did you know that Green Tea is also chock full of fat-burning properties? Check it out:
The primary key to successful weight loss is maintaining an active metabolism. Your metabolism is like an inner furnace. It’s job is to continually burn off the excess energy – kilojoules - your body doesn’t immediately use. Your metabolism is always striving for homeostasis – a perfect balance – between the fuel your body takes in and what it uses. What can’t be immediately burned off as fuel is then processed and stored. This is the natural order of your digestive system and the blueprint for building muscle and losing weight.
Green Tea X50 is formulated with two amazingly effective groups of fat-burning antioxidants:

EGCG (polyphenois and catechins) which stimulate your metabolism and
Resveratrol which fights free radicals and improves insulin resistance.
Together, these incredible antioxidants create a Thermogenic environment in which your body actively burns off excess fat rather than storing it – and may even help break down already stored fats in the process.
This combination works together to create an active metabolism, promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, lowers cholesterol and helps your blood fight against oxidative damage. This further results in your daily workouts giving better, more long-lasting results and successful weight loss.
Green Tea X50 allows you to receive all the benefits of drinking 20 cups of Green Tea per day (without the hassle of actually having to brew and then drink that much tea) and is fortified with vitamins and minerals.

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