I-Satori Bio Grow

i-Satori Bio Gro & Biogrow Bio Active Peptide Formula!

i-Satori with the introduction of Bio Grow has literally changed the game in terms of what is possible in amplifying protein synthesis for lean muscle gains making this product the supplement on everyone’s wish list. The Bio-Active Peptides (BAPS) contained in the Bio-Grow are cleaved protein fragments derived from the highest grade Bovine colostrum ultimately producing Proline rich peptides, Growth Factor IGF-1, TGF beta-2, EGF, PDGF as well as Immunoglobins and Lactoferrin.

Bio Grow’s highly concentrated blend of BAPS sends signals to the body to significantly amplify the protein synthesis process resulting in increased lean muscle potential and shorter recovery times. Bio Grow comes in an unflavoured powder making it virtually tasteless and is easily taken with your protein powder making it ideal to use post workout to speed up those muscle gains. It also comes in several flavours such as;

- Vanilla Ice Cream

- Chocolate Ice Cream

- Strawberry Banana Swirl

- Cookies and Cream

Key Points:

  • Bio Active peptides
  • Derived from High-Grade Bovine Colostrum
  • Amplify protein synthesis
  • Reduce recovery times significantly
  • Perfect post workout to increase potential lean muscle gains

Our Thoughts:

The team here at RHS Nutrition cannot speak highly enough of this product as we recognized the results within the first few days of taking Bio Grow. We used the recommended dosage with breakfast and in our post workout shake, others with breakfast and dinner, and the results spoke for themselves.

Our lean muscle mass increased dramatically even for staff who had hit a plateau of growth recently with recovery times drastically increased and muscle soreness a thing of the past. Bio-Grow really is an outstanding product and for anyone looking for that edge in lean muscle gains, this product will no doubt be of benefit to you.


Take 2-3 Scoops of Bio-Grow twice daily mixed with your favourite beverage. To ensure the best consistency possible mix together using one of our Shaker Bottles.

Some of the staff also mix the Bio Gro at night with their yogurt and berries for an awesome late night snack.