International Proteins Extreme Mass Review

Extreme Mass

International Protein’s Extreme Mass produces the perfect anabolic environment for those people looking to:

-      Gain lean mass

-      Improve anabolic recovery

-      Keep pace with a fast metabolism

-      Maintain energy levels during high intensity training

-      Improve muscle mass gain

-      Improve muscle size gain

The different proteins in Extreme Mass produce a time-release effect because each type of protein disburses in varying ways. The staggered release effect creates a perfect, steady stream of amino acids and proteins into the system for over a period of hours rather than giving a big punch all at once – and then nothing.

And then Extreme Mass goes a step further with the addition of MCT Oils (the best fat-burning product on the market). It’s like having your cake and eating it too – plus burning it off and turning it into lean, mean muscle!

The proteins in Extreme Mass which produce the time-release effect are Whey Protein Concentrate, two types of Whey Protein Isolate, Egg Albumin and Micellar Casein. Together they provide all the necessary proteins which promote muscle growth and recovery during workouts, assist in retaining the muscle gains well after a workout is finished, and allow for long hours of fat-burning before, during and after workouts. Extreme Mass is just that… Extreme!

Extreme Mass is perfect for those athletes and bodybuilders who find it hard to consume the calories necessary to produce their desired results, people with faster than normal metabolic rates and those who struggle to maintain their body weight during full-on resistance training, weight training or intense sports and physical activities.

It’s recommended that Extreme Mass be taken 2-3 times daily in addition to regular meals for weight gain. Recommended dosage is 100g Extreme Mass to 500ml milk (soy or reduced fat) and mixed well in a blender or shaker.

Bonus: There’s now a chocolate truffle flavour – yum!

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