Weight Management Tea - Green Tea X50 Passionfruit by Tribeca Health

All New Passionfruit Green Tea X50 NOW in 30 & 60 Serves

The amazing ALL NEW formula of Green Tea X50 is here, now all natural, stronger than ever and sweetened with Xylitol or Stevia.

Green Tea X50 is a natural energy drink & thermogenic fat burner that helps energize, revitalize, detox & assists weight loss.

All natural Green Tea X50 is a delicious tasting, naturally sweetened, super green tea energy drink that is full of antioxidants has no artificial flavours or preservatives and comes with the polyphenol equivalent of up to 20 cups of regular green tea in a serve. All of this goodness comes in a convenient and easy to use sachet.

Green Tea X50 is great as a pre-workout or intra-workout boost or just as an all-round healthy drink!

The health and weight loss benefits associated with the regular consumption of green tea are well-documented and now Tribeca Health have made it into a daily must have, a take anywhere & anytime drink that’s great for your health!

Not only does this natural formulation contain a huge amount of antioxidants your body needs daily, it is also the first green tea formulation to incorporate resveratrol, a powerful superfood.

Green Tea X50 comes as a powder form in a sachet. Mix one sachet (fruity flavours) in 600ml to a litre of super chilled water (mix to suit your taste buds) shake and drink. It is your perfect for on the go, don’t leave home without it.

All GreenTeaX50 comes with our hugely successful Accelerated Weight Loss Meal Plan and full access to our amazing online Members site that contains our full Accelerated Weight Loss Programme, healthy recipes and lifestyle tips from our team of experts.

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