International Protein

International Protein is a renowned Australian nutritional supplement brand founded by a professional bodybuilder and a 3-time Overall World Champion and Australia's only IFBB Professional female bodybuilder, Christine Envall. Christine Envall is also a food scientist with broad knowledge when it comes to food, nutrition, and supplement. 

International Protein will be your ""Food for"". International Protein team live up to their 5 principles; Taste, Quality, Affordability, Results, and Flexibility. Believing and being committed to these principles made International Protein produce high-quality and innovative supplements that will allow every individual to reap their deserved benefits. 

At RHS Nutrition, we stock most of the essential International Protein food for your. On our shelves, we've got the M-Casein, a muscle protection formula, Extreme Mass, an anabolic weight gainer, Amino Charged WPI, an Amino Acid enhanced formula, superior Whey, a WPI/WPC/ Whey Peptide Blend, and much more. Purchase International Protein at v at the most competitive price with amazing freebies.

War Hammer Twin Pack
RRP $109.80
Heavy Weight Mass Gainer 4kg
RRP $139.95