JYM Supplement Science

JYM Supplement Science is a renowned supplement company founded by Dr.Jim Stoppani who has an extensive background when it comes to Sports Nutrition. It has been delivering supplements backed with real science since 2013. 

JYM Supplement Science live up to their name by providing exceptional and cutting-edge science and quality that they provide into each and every single supplement they are formulating. Each ingredient used in JYM Supplements are clinically and ideally dosed to provide a maximum effect and results. With JYM, there's no hiding, no lack of accountability, and no BS. It is a supplement brand that everyone should trust.

A wide range of revolutionary JYM Supplements is available in-store at RHS Nutrition such as Pre JY-the most efective all-in-one pre-workout formula, Post JYM - the ultimate postworkout formula for recovery and, Pro JYM - a high-quality protein blend for maximal muscle, Shred JYM - for safe and effective fat loss, and many more. Shop Dr. Jim Stoppani's creations at their best quality here at RHS Nutrition.