Dave's Deal Reward Points

Welcome to Dave’s Deal Reward Points! Here at RHS Nutrition, we greatly value you, our loyal customers. And this Deal from Dave is our own way of showing our gratitude in your trust in us! Shop with us, earn points, and save on your future purchase!


How do I join Dave’s Deal Reward Program?

Simply create an RHS Nutrition customer account, subscribe to our newsletter, and you’ll automatically become part of our loyalty program!

How do I earn Dave’s Deal Reward Points?

Earning points couldn’t be any easier! Just add your product/s on your cart and proceed to checkout. Once your order has been placed your Dave’s Deal Reward Points should be credited in your RHS Nutrition Account. For every $1, you’ll get 1 Dave’s Deal Reward Point!

How do I manage my Dave’s Deal Reward Points?

You can manage your points on your Account. You have the ability to view your points by simply clicking on My Account. Your points will appear as an account credit on your checkout page as an available payment option.

How do I spend my Dave’s Deal Reward Points?

Every 100 Dave’s Deal Reward Points you’ve accumulated is equivalent to $1!

The minimum points to redeem is 500 points($5 OFF your Purchase). Once you've saved up 500 Dave's Deal Reward Points, you'll then receive an email indicating a Voucher Code and Secret Key.

You can spend your points in a very easy step, just proceed to your checkout page and type your Voucher Code and Secret Key. And that's it, you'll then save $5.00 off your purchase for each Voucher and Secret Code.

Do my points expire?

You can save up your points in your account within 365 days! 


RHS Nutrition reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify or cancel the Reward Program at any time.

Dave’s Deal Reward Points are only available to registered customers and newsletter subscribers of RHS Nutrition.

Dave’s Deal Reward Points are strictly non-transferable or exchangeable for cash under any circumstances.

Points are calculated on the price of your purchase. Shipping cost on your purchase will not incur any points.

Dave’s Deal Reward Points is void where prohibited by law.

If you have other queries regarding Dave’s Deal Reward Program, feel free to call us at (07) 8287 1995